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The privacy policy for the transcription component of the German Heritage in Letters project, hosted here at, substantially mirrors the privacy policy of the entire project.[1]

The German Heritage in Letters project and its organizational sponsor, the German Historical Institute (GHI), respect the privacy of every individual who visits our website. Therefore, we comply with applicable data privacy legislation in regards to processing personal data. This privacy policy describes what information this site collects and how it is used, protected, and disclosed.

This privacy policy constitutes the agreement between you and the GHI relating to the publicly accessible portions of this website. By your use of the website, you consent to be governed by this privacy policy. The GHI may amend this policy at any time; any changes made that affect your personal information will not take effect until 30 days after notice is posted on this site.

Personal Data of Website Visitors

You may visit our website anonymously. Except as described in this privacy policy, we do not collect identification data of our visitors. All web servers track basic information about their visitors. When you use the site, we may gather usage information that does not identify you, including an anonymized IP address, general location information, and data identifying the type of device you are using, your browser version, or language settings in use on your device. This may also include information about your use of the site, such as search terms, search results, or additional traffic data. The site uses cookies, web beacons, and similar technologies that enable us to track your use of our site and make it more useful to you. Some features of the site may not work if you set your web browser to decline or delete cookies.

Personal Data of Registered Transcribers

If you choose to become a transcriber (using our Scripto interface to transcribe letters), you will be asked to register as a user and provide additional information to facilitate your use of the site and to communicate with you about any questions regarding the data you transmit to the site. You are also consenting to the use of additional cookies which, for example, store your user name and password information, in order to facilitate your use of the site as a transcriber. In becoming a registered transcriber, you are consenting to the use of your name, address, email address, and other relevant contact information to inform you how the transcriptions you produce are being used and to answer any questions you may have. You are also providing German Heritage in Letters and its associated research partners a non-exclusive license to use any and all intellectual property derived from the material you contribute.

Information Use and Opting Out

If you choose to share any personal data with us via our website or via e-mail, we may store it and use that information to assist you with any questions you may have. We use industry-standard practices to review data quality and confirm that the information we have for you is up-to-date. We may also gather and store data that you voluntarily provide during events related to German Heritage in Letters to keep you informed of other events of a similar nature.

You will receive general information (such as email newsletters) about the German Heritage in Letters project only if you choose to do so. Once your consent is indicated, you will have the possibility to contact us in case you no longer want us to use your personal information for those purposes. Unless you specifically consent to the sharing of your personal data, your information will solely be used for internal purposes. We will not sell, rent, loan, trade, or lease any personal information collected online or offline.

The GHI provides users the opportunity to opt-out of receiving our communications. You may choose to receive only specific communications or none at all. You may also update your contact information previously provided to us by e-mailing at the address below. In order to avoid a situation where repeated, unwanted contacts could occur, we will not remove you from the database. We will only contact you according to the preferences you specify.

You have the right to request access, modify, correct, or remove your data collected in our database at any time. You may do so by contacting the GHI at the email or address below.


Questions concerning this policy may be sent to or

German Historical Institute

Attn.: German Heritage in Letters

1607 New Hampshire Ave NW

Washington, DC 20009

Telephone: 202-387-3355